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    Welcome to Shear Perfection Photography! I'm Sam - a wife, mum, doula ,birth enthusiast, and photographer - specializing in birth and newborn photography in the Perth area. I'm honored to be invited to witness and document these birth stories! If you're looking for someone to photograph the birth of your baby or your newborn, contact me for more information. I'd love to meet you, learn more about your growing family, and document this special time for you and your family!


Nicholas Goerke

Nicholas Goerke born 22/12/2012 at 8.40am 51cm and 4.43kg

I had to amazing job of helping this little guy into the world and also doing has newborn photos, it was such a joy to see how much he has changed from day 1 to 14 days later


The top 10 reasons to hire a doula

The top 10 reasons to hire a doula

Here are 10 great reasons why you may want to think about inviting a doula to your baby’s birth.

1. A doula can help you to feel better about your birth experience. A group of researchers in California found that women who had the support of a doula during their babies’ births were more likely to feel positive about their birth experiences (82.5 per cent) than women who did not have the benefit of such support (67.4 per cent).

2. A doula can leave your partner free to focus more fully on his key role during the birth: providing you with emotional support. Doulas have knowledge of birth that partners, who may have no prior experience with birth, simply may not have.

3. A doula can help to take some of the pressure off your partner. Having someone else on hand to support you can allow him to take a guilt-free dinner or bathroom break. (It’s hard for your partner not to feel like the world’s biggest heel if he or she has to take a bathroom break just when your contractions are starting to peak.)

4. A doula can help to reduce the likelihood that you will require an epidural. A study conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, found that 7.8 per cent of women using doulas requested an epidural as compared to 55.3 per cent of women labouring without a doula.

5. A doula can offer helpful suggestions on ways to cope with the labour when you’ve pretty much run through your own repertoire of coping strategies.

6. A doula can help breastfeeding get off to the best possible start. A study conducted in South Africa found that women who have support from doulas during labour are more likely to be breastfeeding exclusively when their babies are six weeks old than other moms.

7. A doula can help to answer your questions about the birthing process and provide on-the-spot reassurance when you need it— something that can be truly invaluable if you find yourself with a lot of questions and concerns.

8. A doula can help you advocate for yourself with the hospital staff and ensure that your voice is heard.

9. A doula can promise to be there, even if your partner can’t. If there’s a chance that your partner isn’t going to be there at the birth (possibly because he or she is scheduled to work out of town around your due date) or if you’re going to be giving birth without a partner, a doula can provide you with some much-needed support.

10. A doula can act as your cheering section. When you’re trying to weather the storms of transition, sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you’ve got what it takes to get through this—and to say it with enough conviction that you actually believe her. (That’s an important part of the doula job description, by the way.)

Excerpted from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, 2nd Edition. Copyright (c) 2011 by Ann Douglas.


Birth Session

Birth photography is real powerful,emotional,timeless. Its a promise that you’ll remember the details of this miracle forever.

No matter where or how you give birth the memories of that day will be the most compelling and precious memories you’ll ever have..

Never forget this day make your baby’s first breathe, first cry and the first time you ever touched UNFORGETABLE..


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